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What is the club?
The Mission of the Club
Who Can Join?
What does a Member get for his/her Money?
How does the Club Use and Invest the Membership Fee?
Why Vanuatu?
The Concept of Our Land
How Do I Become a Landholder and Build my Vacation Home?
How was the Club Established and What is its Legal Basis?
What are the Rights and Obligations of Membership?
What are the Committees and their Functions?
And if I Decide to Sell my Membership?
How do I Join?
Who Wants to Become a Member?
Application for Membership
  How was the Club Established and What is
its Legal Basis?
  • The Club started as a concept: building an international community to experience Vanuatu's natural beauty and fascinating culture in a manner that brings socially-positive and ecologically-sensitive economic development to the indigenous population and, at the same time is an extremely attractive real estate investment for the Members. A community where we could live happily and in harmony with the local people, where our children could grow and learn. This is the essence of the Club's purpose.

  • Vanuatu-Japan Friendship Corporation, a Japanese kabushiki kaisha (VJFKK), was established to organize and administer the Club, to market memberships, and to provide Members with information and services so they can fully enjoy their land in Vanuatu. VJFKK's initial task was finding the right land. The critical qualities were sufficient size for a healthy community, a price that would yield good value for the Members, beautiful natural surroundings, convenience for development, proximity to Port Vila (the capital) and the airport, nearness to the sea, and a pervading sense of calmness and peace.

  • To find the best possible land VJFKK joined hands with Environment Preservation Ltd, a Cook Islands company (EPL), active in real estate in the South Pacific. Together, they undertook a vigourous and systematic search and comparison of the land available; then they made a choice. To supply the needs of the Club, EPL acquired excellent lands with private beaches, 8-40 minutes' drive from the centre of Port Vila and meeting all the conditions just mentioned. Roads and access to public utilities already exist in the vicinity, some partially developed by the Vanuatu government and some by EPL itself.

  • The agreement between VJFKK and EPL was drafted based on expert legal advice from Japan and Vanuatu, and is available for inspection by Members at the Club office. It provides that each time a Member joins, 60% of the membership fee is paid to EPL as consideration for the new Member's land. Initially, the official registration of rights to the land will be made (within one month) in the name of VJFKK. The official registration will be formally transferred to the Member's name, without any further charge, when he/she commits to building a vacation home. (Subject to certain conditions, Members have the option to receive official registration of the land in their own names sooner upon payment of a fee of US$1,000 per membership to EPL, who will arrange formal registration.)

  • The VJFKK-EPL agreement is central to the operation of the Club and has many other important details, including as follows. EPL is obligated to ensure that each Member's private land has direct access to roads and to water and electricity supply. The membership fee, initially set at US$10,000, will rise in increments of US$500 (EPL always receiving 60%) with every 50 new memberships sold. A Member choosing to transfer his/her membership must pay a modest fee to EPL, who will effect the necessary change in registration of the land (US$500/1,000 depending on whether the land has already been registered in the Member's name).

  • Under the VJFKK-EPL agreement, "ownership" of land means the right to full and exclusive use of the land under a long-term lease for a period of at least 75 years, without requirement for any rental payments by individual Members. In this website, "ownership" is used in that sense.

  • All assets and funds of the Club will be held by VJFKK, separately and distinctly, and a separate Club bank account will be maintained for that purpose. Every Member will receive an annual report, including formal financial statements, covering the Club's assets and activities.

  • The Club itself is a voluntary association of the Members, governed by its Charter, and every Member receives a copy. Essentially, the Charter is a formal agreement among the Members about how the Club operates. The Charter also sets out the relationship between the Members and VJFKK. By joining the Club, the Member agrees to abide by the Charter.

  • - A few other legal issues deserve mention. First, Vanuatu presently has no inheritance or other taxes - an important financial advantage to Members, in addition to the expectation of steadily rising land prices. Second, under present Vanuatu law, any foreigner who builds a house there is entitled to a permanent visa,

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