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What is the club?
The Mission of the Club
Who Can Join?
What does a Member get for his/her Money?
How does the Club Use and Invest the Membership Fee?
Why Vanuatu?
The Concept of Our Land
How Do I Become a Landholder and Build my Vacation Home?
How was the Club Established and What is its Legal Basis?
What are the Rights and Obligations of Membership?
What are the Committees and their Functions?
And if I Decide to Sell my Membership?
How do I Join?
Who Wants to Become a Member?
Application for Membership
  How does the Club Use and Invest the
Membership Fee?
  • The membership fee is a single amount paid upon joining (at once or in up to four installments), with no annual or other membership fees later. When a Member pays his/her fee, 60% is immediately used to purchase land for that Member. (Payment for the land is made to Environment Preservation Ltd, the original landowner, pursuant to a formal agreement between it and Vanuatu-Japan Friendship Corporation.)

  • The next 35% is used to develop and maintain facilities and services for the benefit of all the Members (after paying reasonable expenses incurred in setting up and running the Club). The goals are to increase the value and enjoyment of Members' land in Vanuatu, and to improve the quality of life and social well-being of the Members as a whole. All important decisions are made by the Club's democratically-elected committees.

  • The remaining 5% is paid to Vanuatu-Japan Friendship Corporation as a fee for its services in setting up and administering the Club.

  • A membership card which provides discounts and special offers at restaurants, hotels, shops etc.

  • By joining together, the Members will create a real financial power to achieve its goals. For example, with the sale of just the first 500 memberships the funds available (35% of the membership fees) will total over US$2 million. (Reasonable start-up and administration expenses will be paid out of these funds, with all the balance available for club activities and facilities.)

  • The first target is to establish in Tokyo a permanent Club office and a lively and distinctive meeting place for Members and their guests, tentatively, a "Vanuatu CafE.

  • The Club intends to work in cooperation with other similar clubs around the world, aiming at broadening the international personal and business contacts of the Club and the Members.

  • Members may freely sell or give away their memberships and interests in land to any person meeting the basic membership requirements.

  • All Club facilities, services and activities are to be run on the principles of efficiency and of satisfying the desires of the Members as a whole. Where profits are generated, they too will be used for the same purposes, based on decisions of the Club's democratically-elected committees.

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