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What is the club?
The Mission of the Club
Who Can Join?
What does a Member get for his/her Money?
How does the Club Use and Invest the Membership Fee?
Why Vanuatu?
The Concept of Our Land
How Do I Become a Landholder and Build my Vacation Home?
How was the Club Established and What is its Legal Basis?>
What are the Rights and Obligations of Membership?
What are the Committees and their Functions?
And if I Decide to Sell my Membership?
How do I Join?
Who Wants to Become a Member?
Application for Membership
  How do I Join?
  • Once you have read this website thoroughly and made your decision, please download and print out the Application for Membership, which you should fill out and sign. Note that the application must also be signed by a current Member who recommends you as a person of good character (essential for preserving the quality of our community). If you do not know a member to recommend you, please Contact Us about that. Once completed, applications should be mailed to:
    Vanuatu-Japan Friendship Corporation,
    4-17-2-3F Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku,
    Tokyo 107-0062, Japan.

  • You will shortly receive written notice stating whether your application has been accepted and confirming the current membership fee amount. If accepted, please remit your membership fee (or, if applicable, first installment) within 7 days by telegraphic transfer to the bank account stated on the acceptance notice and then present a copy of your bank remittance form to the Club office. Within 10 days of presenting the remittance form, you will receive by post a formal Certificate of Membership confirming your status as Member and showing your rights to receive land and the other benefits of membership. With that, you will also be sent a formal receipt for payment and a membership card.

  • Payment may be made all at once or in two semi-annual or four quarterly installments. The written notice of acceptance will also state the due dates for installment payments, where applicable. The full amount or initial installment must be paid within 7 days of receiving the acceptance notice, in order to protect you against the gradual rise in the membership fee (see above under How was the Club Established and What is its Legal Basis?).

  • There is no annual membership fee.

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