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What is the club?
The Mission of the Club
Who Can Join?
What does a Member get for his/her Money?
How does the Club Use and Invest the Membership Fee?
Why Vanuatu?
The Concept of Our Land
How Do I Become a Landholder and Build my Vacation Home?
How was the Club Established and What is its Legal Basis?
What are the Rights and Obligations of Membership?
What are the Committees and their Functions?
And if I Decide to Sell my Membership?
How do I Join?
Who Wants to Become a Member?
Application for Membership
Club Meeting Minutes
  What is the Club?
  • The Club is a voluntary association of individuals, governed by the Clubfs formal Charter.

  • The Club provides each Member with private ownership, under a lease, of an individual parcel of high-quality land in Vanuatu for a vacation home, close to the capital, Port Vila

  • The Club is run by the Members, through democratically-elected committees. Each Member gets one vote, regardless how many memberships held.

  • The Club creates and maintains facilities and services aimed at enhancing Membersf quality of life and raising the value of our land.

  • The Club is a social centre for the Members, holding parties and other events in Japan and Vanuatu.

  • The Club supports ecologically and socially sound economic development in Vanuatu, and promotes international good will and exchange of ideas with our neighbours there.

  • The Club issues membership cards which give valuable discounts on various merchandise and services and other benefits too.

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